Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Feeling a little bleh...

Well it would seem that 2013 is not our year so far. What started as a bit of a break from work has unfrotunately turned into a longer break and a reduction in hours for this year. Things are not going swimmingly for the business i work for and as a result the only current expense, me, had to be juggled about. :-(
So, to say we are stressed here at the moment would be an understatement of epic proportions. I hate feeling like we cant get on top and are sinking slowly... But trying to stay on the bright side and not let my old friend depression take over too much. Its bloody hard!
But, i realise too that i am very blessed to have a husband who is doing his very best to be encouraging and positive, we have a roof over our heads and a son who I completely adore who now has the benefit of my undivided attention during the day.
So as you can imagine my focus for the last week has been how to bring in some extra $$. I am going to give Avon a go, along with Flaschengeist which looks quite exciting. So fingers and toes are crossed that they will fill the void in the bank account.

On a happier note, this time off has given me extra time to do some of the things i enjoy doing, like designing! Check out my Etsy store if you get a chance to see some great customisable party invitations. When i was planning H's 2nd birthday i couldnt find any Very Hungry Caterpillar invitations that i liked, so in typical Jess style i decided to design my own :-) They are all a little special way to help celebrate special occasions like birthdays and baby showers.
If you have any feedback i would love to hear from you.

Hopefully next post will have some positive news to report.

Until next time...


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