Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I can paint that!

I have a new obsession that is taking over! I have always found nail art to be very impressive, albeit not really my cup of tea, because lets face it, I barely have time to cut my nails let alone painstakingly decorate them. That is until i came across Crackle by Sally Hansen. This stuff is awesome!

A few of the colours in the Crackle range

I sit at the computer a for several hours a day and I tell you what, it is great to be able to look down at my hands and smile at how spunky they look. Not to mention buying myself a good 5 minutes of peace and quiet in the supermarket while H checked them out and played with my fingers :-)

Crackle comes in a great range of colours and I am a little ashamed to admit that in a moment of obsession I bought most of them the other day. Black Ink would have to be my favourite though, it looks fab over a yellow or pale pink base coat, I have a mint green base at the moment at it is pretty spesh.

Xtreme Wear in Mint Sorbet and Crackle in Black Ink
My favourite thing about this new nail art craze is how simple it is. Just put on your base colour and leave until completely dry then add a thick or thin (depending on the look you want, just play around to see what you like) coat of the crackle and watch it work its magic. Within a minute or so you are sufficiently cracked and ready for a quick top coat.

The result
Wha La! Pretty simple hey!

Sally Hansen Crackle is on special at the moment at Priceline so is about the $6-$7 mark which isnt bad. If you want an eye catching manicure without the hard work its definitely worth a try.

Until next time...

*all opinions in this blog are my own. I paid for the products myself and am not representing Sally Hansen products in any way. I'm just a fan :-)

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