Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Sick Days are a challenge

Having a sick 1 year old is tough, being sick with a 1 year old is tough, having both at the same time, well... you get the picture.
H has been fighting a viral infection for the last couple of days and has been absolutely miserable, i feel so sorry for the little man, nothing seems to be making him happy at the moment, except breastfeeding that is, which he has decided to start doing every 3-4 hours again, its seriously like having a newborn all over again! I am blessed enough to be able to work from home as a freelance PA, and even more so that my current employer is awesomely understanding when it comes to sick kids, being a mum herself. The downside of this is though, if i dont work, i dont get paid, so despite feeling awful and very much like a lactation machine at the moment, work must go on if we want to pay the bills.
Its days like today that the slow cooker becomes a lifesaver! Chuck in some drumbsticks, apricot nectar, onion and soup mix, turn it on and leave it for the day, then come dinner time, yummy apricot chicken that i serve with potato mash (the frozen stuff from woolies/aldi is awesome!)
These are also the days when the trackies come out, the phone is taken off the hook and the DVD gets turned on if H is particularly grizzly in the afternoon. Granted it only usually entertains him for 15 mins, but it really is incredible how much you can achieve in 15 mins if you put your mind to it and know its all you have. So that is my tip of the day and my challenge for the week. Set the timer and do something, with gusto for 15 mins, clean, exercise, declutter, garden, cook or reorganise.
Would love to hear how you go...
As for me, H has just gone to sleep and i think i have earned a hot chocolate and a cuddle on the couch with my hubby!
Until next time...

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  1. How did you handle being sick and breastfeeding at the same time? Did you take any medication if so what kind. I am wondering because my daughter in law is due in November and she will be breastfeeding and this is a topic we would probably eventually have to face